Discover the support services for Siberian Platform
Scopri i servizi di supporto alla Piattaforma Siberian

Migastone is the exclusive Siberian distributor for Italy and Malta, it also takes care of customer assistance and support services. On this page you will find the list of support services and our Siberian expansion modules.


Migastone è distributore esclusivo Siberian per l'Italia e Malta,  cura inoltre l'assistenza clienti e servizi di supporto. 
In questa pagina troverai l'elenco dei servizi di supporto e i nostri moduli di espansione Siberian.

Mobile Marketing Expert

Training Course

Publishing Service Apple and Google

Servizio pubblicazione App sugli stores fatto da noi

Apple Developer Account

Servizio supporto creazione Apple Developer Account

Graphic Layout x1 App

Creiamo noi la grafica della tua App

Siberian Install Service

Installiamo noi Siberian sul tuo server

We Sell for You

Top agents al tuo servizio

And now enter the world of Migastone custom module


With a small investment it is possible to add powerful features developed by Migastone. Migastone is one of the most reliable third-party module developers available on Siberian CMS. Purchasing one of our modules means accessing first-class support and receiving the modules update to follow changes to the main Siberian CMS platform.

Click on the icons below to access the module description and specific purchase page.


All modules are sold with an annual subscription, per platform or per app activation. This subscription-based business model ensures the sustainability of research and development and guarantees excellent continuous and long-term support to our customers.


Appmetropolis V2

Appmetropolis - The first directory in the world that catalogs APPs geography.
Appmetropolis is the new way to discover activities of the territory with discounts and exclusive offers all around you.
This is a module that allow you to create your own Appmetropolis like marketplace. 
With this module you can automatically list all the APPS and OFFERS on your platform.
Benefits are a lot: You add a lot of value to your App customers, co-marketing strategies and finally ask much much more for each App you sell. Unlimited App supported and Coupons





Create a book of prepaid discount coupons. Get paid upfront for your products or services. E.g. 10 Dinners for the price of 6.


Migavirtual loyalty

79,00€/1 year updates

Miga App Manager

Like a Remote Controller you can now command Siberian from your APP. Your customer will send PUSH, Add Pictures in Image Galleries, Add Events, Coupons directly from their APP w/o login in the CMS!! Auto Cropping and Resizing of images



Embed external web pages into your app. Manage the return button. Scan an EAN / QR code and send the data to your external site to upload the contextual content.



Do you need to uninstall a 3rd party module from SiberianCMS? This module allow you to do it. During last update of siberian something went wrong? Roll back the version number and install the update again. This module allows you that. 



Do you want to wish a happy automatic birthday to the users of your App?
Do you even want to give him a special gift? Migabirthday Module is managing this for you 100% automatically.


(Siberian Individual Push Module is Necessary)



Fed up with ongoing discussions with customers? Simple keep track of them inside the App Builder. A simple and powerful tool to notify communication and store them inside the Siberian CMS, accessible from App Owners and Platform Admin.



Customize the preview of your Siberian WebApp URL link. Manage the Title, the Description, the Icon and the key words.
Compatible with Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS link preview.  





Manage access to the contents of your app in a more precise and flexible way, with a login page that can be customized according to your needs and your communication style


Integrate your App with Word Press, allow your users to automatically login to Word Press from your App. Build a wide range features on word press and integrate them in your App



Add a powerful reminder module to your APP. If you want to automatically remind recurring events to your users this is the module for you. (i.e. A dentist that want to reminder the yearly dental cleaning visit) 


MigaPush Debug

Investigate problems reported on Push Notifications from the client.


(Siberian Individual Push Module is necessary)



Integrate a complete multichannel AI BOT into your App in seconds


Miga Car Review

The ideal feature for Car Review Centers, garages and tire repairer.

Users receive a reminder via push notifications or via email for car review, car service or anything else related to their car.


(Siberian Individual Push Module is necessary)



Satispay Gateway

Add Satispay Payment Gateway support to your APP and start receiving payments with this new powerful, cheap and fast way.



Do you want a huge and powerful phone book of potential customers? Be Smart! Ask to send an SMS to download your APP! GDPR OK

(Siberian Individual Push Module is Necessary)



Connect a dedicated wireless printer to your app. Print orders from your mobile commerce  or receive them via SMS...

(Siberian Individual Push Module is Necessary)



This feature is specially designed for admin to share folders and files for users. Admin shares files with a specific user.


(Siberian Individual Push Module is Necessary)


Oscar Dalvit

Founder and President
Migastone Int. Ltd

Founder of the first Sales Force & Franchising in Europe 100% focus on Apps that grant ROI for businesses.

Welcome to Migamodules, a website dedicated to YOU, Entrepreneur, who wants to successfully enter the large APP market for commercial activities.


I'm Oscar Dalvit and I'm the owner of Migastone International Ltd, and before continuing to read this page and discover the great opportunity that awaits you, I'd like to share some information about who we are.


Migastone is the largest sales and franchising force in Europe, 100% specialized in developing Apps for companies that generate R.O.I.


We are also developers with a team of 5 programmers who are completely dedicated to producing solutions that create R.O.I. to our customers..


We have over 50 consultants and 12 local franchising agencies in Italy and we have sold over 800 apps since September 2015 with an average cost per end user of € 2000.00!


We use Siberian Platform CMS as the core of our business, we are one of the leading third-party developers of this platform and we know in depth any source code line of this fantastic tool. This allows us to have 100% control over the system.


In March 2019 I published a book that tells the story of Migastone's 4-year success and teaches how to build a big business on R.O.I. APPS, the title is "UP APP SELLING" and is available HERE. The book became the Amazon bestseller in 6 hours and maintained 1st position for 2 weeks!


Working with us will guarantee you the best team of developers for Siberian CMS and the best experience resulting from our field work. The combination of Development and Sales always creates a great result in the field.


Problems to Publish your App to Apple Store?

if you are getting crazy with App Review on Apple Store, don't worry you are in the right place

Our privileged position combined with our experience allows us to guarantee you the publication of any App.

The Service includes the followup of the revision process until it is completed.


Migastone International Ltd

Smartcity Malta

Building SCM 01. Lvl G, PnP 05

Ricasoli, Kalkara SCM 1001

Vat Id. MT23988613

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